The Enzo Fabric Collection from SB2 Concepts

The Zebra Shade is one of the most versatile fabrics for controlling sunlight. It has the ability to provide an elegant and attractive feel to any room in the house or business. It provides the optimal amount of sunlight and gives you complete privacy at the same time. The horizontal bands of the fabric can add space in a any room with a minimal and sleek look.

zebra photo 3

Our Zebra collection comes in three different fabric types, each with its variety of colors and patterns.

  • Aria – Loosely woven from a soft, lightweight finish, the sheer part delivers a soft light finish that is paired with a refined horizontal stripe appeal
  • Peninsula – This band in this pattern is thicker than the usual 2”/1” style.  Works much better in larger windows with more control over light
  • Westin – Classic pattern with 4 colors are available.  The opening part delivers a clear view of the outside with light control on the inside

Zebra photo 1

zebra photo 2


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