Stocked & Ready to Ship!

As supply chains have slowed significantly this year, Senbesta has taken steps to increase our distribution and enhance our customer support. We are well-stocked and ready to ship all of the essentials for your roller shade manufacturing needs. Contact our team of roller-shade-experts for recommendations on your next Hospitality, Contract, or Residential project!

HOW CAN I … create multiple roller shades in a limited space?

SOLUTION: The Ultra XY 2.0 is designed to produce high volume in a limited space. It is a multi-blade cutter designed specifically for high-volume roller shade production that feeds out cut-to-size shades. This space-saving, single-user-operated unit automatically cuts hundreds of shades with minimal supervision and time. RECOMMENDED FOR: High-volume fabric cutting equipment for the hospitality … More HOW CAN I … create multiple roller shades in a limited space?

Sample Yardage

In the highly competitive Hospitality industry mockups are often required to secure these high-volume contracts. We understand the need to demonstrate your workmanship to your clients, and are happy to assist in the process by providing material for mockup shades upon request. Features: Create Custom Mockup Shades Showcase Your Workmanship Incorporate in Your Showroom Highlight … More Sample Yardage

Sample Swatches

To fully envision the space and help make a final selection, the designer, architect or client will often ask to see a large swatch sample. Our 8×11” Swatch Samples are the perfect solution. They are readily available for all blackout and light filtering patterns, and can be drop shipped directly to your client upon request. … More Sample Swatches

Sample Cards & Decks

Sample Cards and Sample Decks are a convenient option to showcase all colorways for each pattern. Used individually or stored in a binder, these samples provide a good-sized swatch sample with all the essential specs listed on the back for quick reference. Features: All Colors per Pattern Key Specs Listed Compact Size Quick to Ship

Sample Binder

Make a Lasting Impression with our Market-Focused, Lightweight Sample Binder The Senbesta Sample Binder is a well-rounded collection of blackout and light filtering interior shade fabrics. Featuring just over 100 SKUs, it is a combination of classic and on-trend patterns, preventing your client from being overwhelmed. It is a 12×12” size, making it easy to … More Sample Binder

Sampling Solutions for Every Step of the Sales Cycle

Whether you’re a designer, retailer, or manufacturer, we have the sampling solutions to fit your unique marketing needs for every step of the sales cycle and help achieve your business goals. At Senbesta our focus is on providing you with the tools and knowledge to succeed. We have a wide selection of options to showcase … More Sampling Solutions for Every Step of the Sales Cycle

Recent Labor Shortages Requires More Equipment Automation

When it comes to roller shade manufacturing, never has it been more important to speed up and maximize output. A lot of companies are shopping for automated machinery due to the supply chain problems and labor shortages. The current conditions have been challenging but at the same time, we are seeing an increase in demand … More Recent Labor Shortages Requires More Equipment Automation

These two machines are the backbone of roller shade production lines.

This customer came to us looking for the ultimate set-up to manufacture roller shades. He didn’t want to spend a fortune but was looking for a range of efficient and performing equipment to produce roller shades efficiently, safely and smoothly. Our turnaround time for the machine was also the quickest in today’s environment.  In the end, … More These two machines are the backbone of roller shade production lines.